Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Psalm 23

We all know Psalm 23.  In fact, it’s one of those chapters in the Bible that I often skip over because I very pridefully think, “Oh, I already know what that says,” or “That’s for Christians who are just learning about the Bible,” because it was one of the first chapters I was ever introduced to as a new believer.

However, during a recent lament to my husband about my many hopes, dreams, and desires (from simple things such as a white crib & dresser for our girlie to big things that seem impossible such as a Reformed, classical education for my children) that I feel may never come to fruition, he simply and lovingly responded, “Remember Psalm 23, honey?  The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.”  I shall not want. 

As I read and pondered verse 1, I was struck by God’s precious promises in the verses that follow.  What does He promise to do?  “Make me lie down in green pastures…lead me beside still waters…restore my soul…and lead me in paths of righteousness.”  Why?  For his name’s sake.”

Those promises are great, mighty and incredibly comforting.  Although my hopes and dreams may turn out differently than those that God may have for me and my family, I can trust that they will be what is best for me – knowing Christ and Him crucified – it is in that knowing and resting that I will find comfort and rest for my weary, lusting, sinful soul.