Friday, June 7, 2013

Let's Go Home

Last Friday, the neonatologist switched Lucy from all tube feedings to one bottle per shift.  However, with her daddy visiting and feeding her, Lucy was a champ and downed every bottle fairly quickly.  Doctors then switched her to bottle "as tolerated" and Lucy basically eliminated the need for her tube feedings within two days.
 It's been so wonderful to watch her grow.  She began with 7 mL of milk and now averages 50 mL from her bottles.  This excellence in bottling is what enables us to go home today!  It's been 38 days of grace; I'm elated at the thought of being reunited with Brian & Aidan.
 My parents came for a visit earlier in the week.  We went to Target - my very first outing since April 30.
 Today's home-going brings lots of goodbyes.  This nurse, Tara, was one of Lucy's primaries and she was absolutely wonderful.  I'll miss her and our daily chats.
This is Lucy's night nurse, Debbie.  She, too, is just excellent.  Because of her expertise and attentive eye, I felt comfortable sleeping through the midnight & 3 am feedings to get some much needed extra sleep.  Thanks, Debbie!

I ventured up to the antepartum unit to say goodbye to my bedrest nurses.  Everyone here at Abbott has been simply amazing - they make a difficult situation endurable.

Yesterday, my sewing favorites and my in-laws swarmed our house.  Brian says it's cleaner than it's ever been.  They even set up the crib, dresser, and picked up the chair for Lucy's room.  That is a true gift; I just can't believe how wonderful my Garner friends have been throughout this ordeal.  And our parents - we couldn't have managed without their help with Aidan and Leo.  So so thankful. 
Here's a quick preview of her room:
 I can't wait to paint, put up Roman Shades & curtains, and purchase things for the walls - Hobby Lobby, here I come!


Sara said...

I am behind in my blog reading, but I just tear up at your beautiful little girl, her story, and your strength. What a blessing!

JC said...

She's soooo beautiful!!! The Lord has been so gracious to you and Lucy. Can't wait to meet her.