Thursday, April 25, 2013


My sweet, gracious husband encouraged me to go back to California to visit my best friends, get a large dose of Vitamin D, and stick my toes in the ocean before I become "Mama" to Baby #2.  I am so thankful for this wonderful babymoon he gave me!

I had prayed so much about the trip in the months leading up to it because, in so many ways, I feel like my heart is still there.  I miss the sun.  I miss the smell of flowers and the beauty.  I miss all the things that SoCal has to offer.  I miss the deep friendships I'd formed.  I miss my school.  My heart still aches and tears well up in my eyes if I spend too much time thinking about my old life there.  So I got on the airplane last Monday with complete excitement and yet trepidation...would I be able to get back on the plane in six days with dry eyes and a desire to go back home?

Thankfully, God was super gracious to me.  I had an absolutely glorious time; everything went just perfectly.  And that is so rare for a vacation!  I just loved my time with my friends and traipsing around my old stomping grounds.  And, yet, despite how incredibly wonderful the trip was, I was ready to come home - I realized that "home" isn't a location, but "home" is where Brian is.  I missed him so much.

 I flew into LAX and stayed in La Mirada with the Brittons for a few days.  It was so much fun to meet their daughter, play with Isaiah, and hang out at Huntington Beach.
 Isaiah reminds me so much of Aidan - he is just hilarious and curious about everything.

 Austin received a call to the pastorate at an OPC church in La Mirada last fall.  I'm jealous that he gets to study and prepare for Bible studies and sermons at the beach.
 This is their adorable home.

 Thanks, Brittons, for an absolutely wonderful time!  I miss you already.

Then I drove down to Murrieta to stay with the Gallaghers.  They were very sweet to let their door swing open so many times as I visited a number of friends in Escondido throughout my time at their house.  I was able to visit my old school and see my students - most of them are taller than me.  I went to a weightlifting competition, a softball game, Del Mar beach, Coronado Island and, of course, I had to drive by our old apartments and the seminary.  It was bittersweet.

 Gallies and I went to the lake to walk and feed the ducks on Saturday morning.  It was over 85 degrees!  So beautiful.

 Gallies have two boys - Sean and Logan.  They are so sweet and well-behaved.  Sean is three weeks older than Aidan so it was fun to play with him and identify all the similarities.  Gallies are flying out this summer for a few days, and I can't wait for Aidan and Sean to play together.

On Saturday night, Kgal and I spent the night on Coronado.  We played at the beach, walked around taking pamphlets of all the homes for sale (none under $1.7 million), and ate at an Irish pub.  We were thankful to Ryan for being Super-Dad so we could have a girl's night.

The next morning we strolled along the harbor; the sun hadn't quite yet burned off the mist.

Like the Brittons, Gallies are blessed with a beautiful home.  It was so fun to hang out in the backyard and eat meals at the outdoor table.  It'd been 7 months since I'd felt warm air on my face. 

 I was so blessed by the hospitality and fellowship of the Brittons and Gallaghers.  It was a true joy to be a part of their families.  I love how strong and God-glorifying their marriages are - their love for one another is evident.  I love how they parent - the Gospel is definitely at the center as they seek to draw their children to Christ (I took home so many great ideas!).  I was so thankful for the late-night chats and ways in which they encouraged me.  I was welcomed with open arms and fed extremely well.  So blessed beyond belief to call these two families dear friends.

Before I flew out of San Diego, I drove along the harbor to take a few last-minute pictures.  Below is the Midway and it always reminds me of my grandpas because they fought in WWII too.

This picture is for Aidan because he loves tugboats.

Bye San Diego!  Thanks for the perfect weather and all the fun!

Bye Bye Crib!

Recently, I was training in a new babysitter and Aidan was acting up so I placed him in his crib for a timeout.  As we were sitting at the kitchen table, I heard Aidan say (in very close proximity), "I'm sorry, Mommy."  
So I asked him, "Aidan, where are you?"
"I'm in the living room."
"How did you get in the living room?"
"I climbed out."

I knew it was only a matter of time before our boy was done with his crib.  When we got home from lunch that Sunday, Brian and Aidan took off the front rail.
 One last picture before the rail comes off.
Daddy's best helper wants to use the wrench.

 So strong!
So happy trying out his new big boy bed!
 Trying it out.
This is how he climbs out.

Our boy is so proud of his bed!  He has been doing an excellent job - he doesn't climb out unless he's given permission to get up and he's still been taking excellent 3 hour naps each afternoon.

He's also excited about putting up his baby sister's white crib that arrived last week.  Mommy doesn't want it to get dusty, though, so I think we'll wait until the last week in June.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I've spent a lot of time "pinning" ideas for baby girl nurseries and have been agonizing over deciding on just one.  Normally I make decisions very easily and go for it without second-guessing myself.  This has, unfortunately, not been the case with Baby Girl's nursery.  The only thing I knew was that I wanted to make a Chevron quilt to go with whatever decor & bedding I chose.

However, when the Pottery Barn Kids magazine arrived last month, I fell in love with this nursery!

I decided to use turquoise for the rocker (instead of the wall) & pink for the bedding.  I love how the paisley sheet will tie it all together.

After ordering the sheet, bumper, curtains, and quilted sham, I began making my Chevron quilt.  I am so thankful to Mary from Country Threads who drew out the pattern for me.
 Yesterday was the perfect day to sew - it was cold, blustery and very, very wet.
 I put Aidan down for his nap, turned on White Horse Inn and got to work.

It didn't take more than a few hours to sew the squares together.
I just LOVE the final product:
It's exactly what I was hoping for.  And it's a perfect size for a crib quilt.  Mary is having a big sale this Friday & Saturday so I'm hoping to find some turquoise fabric for the backing and binding.

My parents bought me a fabric rocker from Walmart that I'm having recovered in this fabric:

I am so excited for it all to come together.  Target has a huge sale this week on their Graco items so we were able to order the white crib for a real deal!  This is so fun; I told Brian this morning that this room will probably be my favorite room in the house.  Now I just pray that the LORD will keep our baby girl healthy and safe so we can meet her in July.  I'm also praying that God will help us give her the perfect name - we are having just a terrible time agreeing on one.  ____ Jane Lund is as far as we've gotten.  Any ideas?

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Easter 2013

Mommy, Aidan and Grammie are all ready for Easter service.

 After church, Aidan discovered that the Easter Bunny had visited and filled his basket with all of his favorite things.
 Thomas & Diesel!
Aidan also received the book Bear in Underwear because last week he went on the potty for the very first time.  We're not sure he's ready yet, though, to take the plunge.  He'd still rather go in his diaper and isn't all too excited about his potty.  The Easter Bunny was hoping this book and some Thomas underwear would encourage him.
 He's so excited!
Grammie Jane & Bop Chuck gave Aidan some Easter gifts too!

We also tried to get some photos of our family all dressed up for Easter.  Unfortunately, they had to be taken inside because it was too cold and blustery outside.

Baby girl at 25 weeks.  Her daddy is already smitten with her.