Friday, March 30, 2012

Living Room Projects

This is our living room:
 We live in the church's parsonage, and it is newly (& very beautifully) remodeled.
Unfortunately, our furniture we purchased 8 years ago when we got married has had a long life and is used up.  
 And I've been so bothered by the fact that everything is a shade of brown - sooooo blah.

After much discussion, prayer, and advice from others we decided to take the plunge: we purchased new living room furniture during Slumberland's Leap Year Sale in February.  It's due to arrive in two weeks so I've been working like crazy in my free time trying to get ready for it.

Our new couches are a steel gray and I'll be painting the walls next week a light gray (Aidan's going to Grammie's house so I'll be able to paint paint paint without interruption!).  My contrasting colors will be yellow and white.  This is the fabric I ordered from
 Each of the fabrics will be used to cover the couch pillows - so I'll have a total of 8 pillows.

The yellow fabric on the left will be used to recover this chair from Grandpa Lund.

 I pulled the cushions and binding off.
 Then my favorite helper washed it with me.
After spray painting it with Kilz, I sprayed it white.
Next, I added a black glaze to make the detail pop.
I learned to glaze from All Things Thrifty - what an awesome site!
And from my sweet friend, Bethany, who just glazed all of her kitchen cabinets and they look awesome!

I also painted and glazed endtables after being inspired by this. 
 After Krylon Sun Yellow:

 Way too bright!
So I purchased Rust-o-leum's Marigold.
Much better - especially after it's glazed.

This oval mirror was an exceptional find at Salvation Army.  $8!
I spray painted it gray and glazed it black.  This is the before picture.  Once the mirror is put back in, I'll show you the final pic.

My mom gave me this window and while I was in Brainerd last week, I painted it white.
Now Mom is having the windows taken out and mirrors put in - great idea, Mom.  Thank you so much!

This guy was my #1 helper while the other helper was napping.

I also found an awesome picture collage on Pinterest that I'm trying to copy.
(Sorry it's sideways.)
I've painted the frames so they are all white, silver, gray, or yellow:

Today Aidan and I are clearing the living room.
Tomorrow I'll clean walls and tape.
Monday & Tuesday I paint!
I hope it all comes together as well as I think it will in my head.  :)
You just never know...