Sunday, June 5, 2011

Makin' A Splash

Aidan 'made a splash' this weekend at the local aquatic park!  It was a super hot day; the perfect way to cool off.
 Despite the water, our little man's cheeks turned very red.  Unfortunately, I think he takes after his mom...Red Face.  Poor kid.  But he's still cute, right!?
Mommy & Aid - we love the warm weather!
 This picture is dedicated to my bestie Kgal and Ry.  Aidan LOVES his swimsuit and rash guard (you know, those big Iowa waves create quite the rash).  We brought his little hoodie along as well, but it was too hot to wear.  Thank you for the wonderful gifts, Gallies!  We love and miss you.
My favorites.
Our sweet friends joined us and showed us the ropes.  They were minus one -we missed you, Myra!
N loving the frog slide.
R bustin' some moves.
Aid loves his Karla.

We have a membership to the park now so we hope to go there often this summer.  It's super nice - a kid's dream.  I'm sure we'll make many special memories there with our little man - can't wait!