Friday, February 24, 2012

Closet Organizer & "Tractor"

I am so thankful that Brian took part of his day off to put an organizer in Aidan's closet.
Although he worked in peace while Aidan & I ran errands this morning, he had two great helpers when we got home.
 Aidan loves to be with his daddy.
Leo loves to be wherever we are!
Brian put screws in for Aidan to push in with his very own screwdriver.
His eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills are developing well - we're thankful!
Yay, Aidan!  He pushed in all the screws.
Daddy pushes them out for Aidan to repeat the process.
It keeps him from trying to help Daddy with his screws.
But sometimes it's just too tempting - Daddy's screwdriver looks like a lot more fun than Aidan's.
So Daddy lets Aidan try his screwdriver out.
Daddy also has another helper; this helper loves to cuddle.
Anytime, anywhere.
Leo loves to sit on Daddy's lap.
Aidan wants Daddy to notice his screwdriver.
Leo wants Daddy to pet and play with him.
Mommy wants Daddy to get the closet organizer put in.
Daddy is the most patient, kind daddy.
He is the best daddy.
Mommy decides she'd better help Daddy by occupying the boys.
Leo goes outside.
Aidan goes into his playroom, but sneaks out every other minute to check on Daddy's progress.
We love our little helper!
Yesterday we were out at a friend's farm.  Aidan spent the entire time looking out the window at the cows and repeating, "Mooooo" and "trac-tor" over and over again.
His first word this morning after waking up?
And while eating breakfast? 
He might turn into a true Iowa boy.
Well, he has cowboy boots now.
 The Rauks gave him a pair of John Deers!
He can't wait to ride with Miss Karla in the planter this spring.
Thanks, Rauks!  Such a wonderful, generous gift!
It's SO fun to have a little man now who can do, talk, and communicate.  What a blessing!
And thanks, Brian, for putting up the closet organizer!  I am so excited!


JC said...

You need to post a picture of the finished closet organizer! :)