Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aidan!

Yesterday marked two years since our lives were forever changed by the addition of Aidan John.  We love him more than we ever thought imaginable and enjoyed celebrating his life with family.

The party theme was Red Balls; I made a few quick things on my sewing machine.

 Lunds + my brother = a very fun celebration!

Cousin Soph was here too; Aidan was suddenly very interested in his old toys!

Present time!
 Aidan was hilarious: he was so smitten with each item that he opened, it was difficult to get him to open the next present.

A Harley trike (complete with sunglasses) was the favorite.  A close second?  The piano!

He jammed for hours yesterday.
Today, same thing.
The volume only has one setting and Mommy's ears are ringing.
It's so cute, though, he gets his foot going too.  I'm glad he has some innate musical talent - that definitely didn't come from my side.  I was last chair in band for the four years my mom made me be in it!  ;)

After presents and lunch, Aidan napped for three hours.  We, of course, rested too!

Cupcake time!

"Happy-happy, you-you" is Aidan's version of "Happy birthday"
He was thrilled with all the attention.

Blowing it out was easy - then he clapped for himself!
 Yay, Aidan!
 Not sure who encouraged him to eat his cupcake this way...
I'm just glad he didn't try to eat his lunch like this today.
So happy!
"I ride; I bike."

We were so thankful Uncle Andy  drove all the way from the Cities to celebrate with us!  Auntie Callie, you were missed.

Proud parents.
Teeth check.

We shot a few quick photos in the parking lot after waving goodbye to the family.

We love you immensely, Aidan John!
Happy Second Birthday.