Friday, July 6, 2012

More Chicago Pictures

Yes, we did bring our camera along on our trip, but we didn't use it as often as we should have.  I always regret not taking more pictures, and yet I so dislike the inconvenience of taking them!  I need to be more like Grandma Char... she's the best picture taker!

We spent a lot of time strolling the city.  Aidan usually requested that Bop or Daddy push him.

The lake was beautiful!

Our pace was far from rigorous, though.  With a toddler and baby, w spent lots of time eating and napping!

My hubs enjoyed the buildings and snapped lots of shots.  On Monday we took an architectural boat tour that told the history of each building along the river.  It was super interesting...and hot!  I spent a lot of time in the shade by the refreshments.

Aidan loved the boat ride.

My favorites.

 Three generations of Lund.

"Show me your teeth, bud."

Thomas the Train lives on Navy Pier; Aidan, of course, wanted a ride!  He was first in line.

A true conductor...

A deep conversation.

On the second ride, Aidan wasn't first in line.  He didn't like being behind the engine-car.

This mischievous smile is what appeared in the malls or anywhere he knew he wasn't supposed to run.  He was having so much fun!

Someone was always close behind..

Mama and Daddy were on chasing duty in the John Hancock Observation Building.  He was so fast!

Got him!

The views were absolutely spectacular from John Hancock:

Loved Chicago!


Callie said...

Love love love these pictures!!! And I love love love your dress in that family picture! Where is it from? It's adorable. Andy and I read this together and just laughed at Aidan's personality coming out...running away, crying about not being first, his mischievous little grin, those sun glasses! We just love that little boy. So sweet.