Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Decades of Grace

Today I'm 3-0!
I can't believe it.
As I reflect on the past 30 years of life, I'm amazed and humbled by all the ways the LORD has led and guided me, fulfilling His promise to work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

Three Decades of Grace
Below I've reflected on the top graces in each decade of my life.

Decade One
1. My parents  - They fulfilled my every need (spiritually, emotionally, & physically) and sacrificed so much to shape me into the woman I am today.

4th birthday.
July 17, 1986
Dad & Me (preschool)
Ha - family picture!  1998, maybe?

2. My grandparents - They, too, have been a source of constant support and love in my life.
Grandma Char & me visiting the CCC camp where Grandpa Richie worked before WWII.

3. Camp Shamineau - It was at camp that I truly came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior and LORD.  It was there that I knew I wanted to serve Him with my whole heart.  My first time attending was in fifth grade with my friend, Sarah Greenwalt.
4. My home on the Mississippi - lots of fun to be had on the snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, etc.  The beauty of the river and woods gave me a deep appreciation of my Creator God.

Decade Two
1. Camp Shamineau - Camp helped train me for ministry and it was there that I met wonderful, Christ-loving friends and a cute boy...
Summer 1999 - Counselor

2. Highschool - I had to make a decision: was I going to have premarital sex, smoke marijuana and give in to drunkenness or was I going to follow Christ?  Thankful for Christ's grip on my life to follow Him.
Prom 2000

3. Bethel University - At Bethel, I met great friends, had opportunities to minister to younger students & share the gospel with inner city students, and was more than fully prepared to become a middle school science teacher.

Decade Three
1. Brian John Lund - My husband!  Brian has had the hugest influence on my life.  He has taught me to treasure Christ above all things and is the best, kindest husband a woman could ever imagine marrying.  After Christ, he is my greatest joy and treasure.
August 1, 2004

2. Classical Education - The LORD guided me to a classical school upon graduation from Bethel.  It is the most perfect form of education, and I am continually praising Him for enabling me to know it, learn it, and hopefully place my children at a classical, Reformed school.
3. Teaching - Again, the LORD gave me two incredible teaching jobs; I taught middle school science in St. Paul for two years and sixth grade (self-contained) in Escondido for four years.  I love those students and teaching them so much!
Astro Camp 2010

4.  Escondido, California - These were my favorite four years of life.  Nothing will ever compare to being married to your best friend, surrounded by Reformed friends who treasure Christ, and living 20 minutes from the ocean all while performing your dream job (yay for Heritage Charter School!).
La Jolla.
Our favorite place to visit and study with the Chings!

5. Kgal, Naom, Aim, Hol, Nanc, Jules - California favorites.  You all keep me grounded and rooted in Christ, encourage my heart constantly through your love and support, and bring joy amidst the tears.
Halloween 2008

6. Aidan John Lund - My sweet, darling son.  He is simply the best, a true joy to my heart.

5. Garner, Iowa - Garner has shown me how to cling to Christ through the most difficult trials, stripped me of my love for self, and consistently pointed me to Christ who gave Himself up for me - how should I then not give myself up for Christ and His Church?  I hate the refining, chiseling process that makes me more Christ-like, but I pray, in this next decade, that I will see the immense blessings that flow from it.

Thank you, Jesus, for a life of grace.
Thank you, friends and family, who run this race with endurance alongside me (Hebrews 12:1).
I love you all.


Callie said...

Ok, so you know how we all say that Aidan looks like Andy? Well I hadn't seen that first picture on your blog before! Take that dress of and it's Aidan. Seriously you two could be twins! Crazy!!!

Country Threads said...

I so enjoyed seeing your 30 years laid out in pictures on the screen. Very fun and also the pictures from your vacation looked wonderful! There's nothing like vacationing at the lake, is there?
Mary E.

The left side of the road... said...

Happy birthday my dear cousin! You are such an amazing and encouraging woman! Love you ❤