Monday, July 30, 2012

Updates via Instagram

Life has been so fun, full, and busy lately!  Today I'm trying to catch up on housecleaning, blogging, laundry, phone calls, bills, etc.
Here's what we've been up to via Instagram:

Brainerd Trip
 Sat on the Blue Ox in Nisswa
 Hauled the boat to Whitefish
 Brian had a work day at Caribou.
 Date night!  Thanks, Mom & Dad.
We had drinks at Poncho & Leftys after Brian whooped me at mini-golf.
 Game & puzzle night with the family.
Poor Dad, he ended up having to finish this all by himself, but it didn't take him long.
 The road to my parent's house on the Mississippi River.
Boating!  So fun.

The "Everyday"
 Aidan loves to see himself in the camera.
 My garden is horrible this year.  I've gotten some lettuce and six cherry tomatoes.
Next year, I'm going to need manure.
 Aidan and I head to the Clear Lake Library every other Thursday to return our books, find more, play in the boat, and put puzzles together.
 My music man loves to dance, sing, and play piano!
Brain and I have been sitting outside late - chatting, reading, or talking on the phone.  I LOVE summer weather!  I haven't been to my 5:30 am exercise class for three weeks because I stay up too late with my night-owl husband.  But I'm OK with that; it's summer, right?  Besides, I have a Leo Lund who needs to be run everyday!
Part of Brian's everyday - sharing the gospel and performing marriage ceremonies.
Birthday & Anniversary Celebration
 Yesterday, we went to Fairmont after church to celebrate my 30th and our 8th anniversary (August 1).
 Aidan was the best helper; he blew out my candle on the first try!
He even helped sing, "Happy happy you you," to his mama.
 The lake was super gross and green so Grammie got out the pool!
 John Deere - his favorite.
Thanks for all the fun, John & Sue!

Hancock County Fair
We had fun at the fair!  Our church people were so immensely generous and gave us tickets to everything - from the rides and beef supper to the pork supper and the bus races!
 All the babysitters wanted to be at the fair so we kept our little man out later than ever - 10 pm!  He ate almost the whole time so that kept him happy.  ;)  Actually, it was the buses and watching crazy "Mr. Roger" from church drive in a 13 school bus race.  Aidan would shout, "Go go go!" or "Broken. Stop," if they crashed.
 Friends from Swea City came to join us.  Thanks, Larsons!
 I'm so thankful to Mary for accompanying Aidan and me to the fair while Brian was performing a wedding.  We loved walking through all the buildings.  We even convinced Aidan to ride the Berry-Go-Round.  "I out, out, out, OUT!" was heard about halfway through the ride.
 Iowa's finest.
 Stockcar races!
I hadn't been since junior high; my dad would always take me.
Such fond memories!
 Shutter speed was too slow - he had just been sitting there.
 Tractors or cows?  I'm not sure which was a bigger hit.
Train races.
These were hilarious.  The bus races were fun too.

I've also been baking!  I loved all the recipes from  However, I've decided that I'm not going to be a real-food-Nazi.  I'm going to eat it whenever possible, but I'm not going to think twice about eating out or eating food that is offered to us.  Thanks, Sarah, for the suggestions!  We don't have Trader Joe's close, but we do have Aldi!  I call it the granola store - but I guess that's what I'm becoming!?  Oh please no.

Lastly, today is "Gotcha Day" for my darling, super-stinky Leo.  On the right side of my blog header is a picture from one year ago today.  We picked Leo up from the breeder at the St. Cloud Rest Stop on July 30, 2011.  Love you, Leo Lund!